Nikki's American Dream

An Original Docu-Series on Nikki's American Dream Youtube Channel

"When you follow your dreams, expressing yourself is as easy as breathing and everything you do becomes art." — Nikki Araguz Loyd

Watch for press releases, open statements for media, and information distributed on behalf of Mrs. Araguz.

Questions and comments may be directed to media contacts listed on Press Releases, unless otherwise designated.

Nikki writes articles for the Huffington Post

May 26 2011: Nikki Araguz on court cases - no comment.

May 25, 2011: Nikki's Mother Responds to Court Decision in Open Letter to Judge Clapp

June 2, 2011: Nikki's Exclusive Interview with Ch. 2 Houston's Nefertiti J√°quez

July 19, 2011: Appeal Filed in Nikki Araguz Marriage Case

Educate/Inform: Learn about Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (relates/refers to Nikki)

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